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Welcome Life Works With Robert

LIKE us at: Over 100,000 Free Healings in 2010 on Facebook The video shows the effects of the energy of a healer’s hands (DH – The Whimsical Mystic) entering the auric field of another. In this case, note the change in the healer’s aura..his head turns Gold and then […]

Effects of Distant Energy – Qi- Chi -Ki – Soul ...

Distance-Healing Distance Healing is powerful and effective. Sign up for the newsletter & discounts today! Powerful distance healer Ellie Pechet. 508-237-4929 for your FREE 15 min consult. “Ellie Pechet is definitely one of the worlds most gifted distance healers”. If you are in need of a miracle turn to Ellie […]

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Weekly Tarot Predictions by Divya ( Dec 20th – 26 ...

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Treating Cancer is a major challenge in our society. The Tam Healing system is very effective for this with it’s approach of opening a blockage in the Central Nervous System. Joseph Lucier is a Tong Ren Distance Healer, Tui Na Massage therapist & author of a book on the Tam […]

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