Master Pam Uyeunten is a Tao Channel and Worldwide Representative of Master Zhi Gang Sha. She is the Soul Leader and Leading Teacher at Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center Honolulu. Master Pam is a miracle healer and offers private consultations. Call 808-988-8090 or visit http://www.drsha.com/soulhealingcenters/hawaii for more information

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Mumbai: Radhe Krishnaji Maharaj, who is also known as ‘Water Baba ‘. His claim to fame is said to be his miraculous ability to treat any kind of ailment with water, which he enriches by whispering a few holy mantras. Police detained water baba for cheating people. Subscribe to Tv9 […]

Mumbai: Meet the ‘water baba’, A miracle healer – Tv9 ...