Miracle healer Alfons Ven… one of a kind on the planet! 5


Name Alfons Ven:
About Engineer turned healer out of necessity devised a 28 day course ‘Matrix Support Program’
Website www.alfonsven.com
see MOVIE: http://www.alfonsven.org/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=21&Itemid=67

NEXUS 15.1 – Nexus MagazineModern alchemist Alfons Ven tailor-makes remedies that restore the master control system … NEXUS is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, …
www.nexusmagazine.eu/nx15_1.html – CachedNEXUS 14.6 – Nexus MagazineAlfons Ven, a Belgian engineer turned homoeopath/alchemist, …
www.nexusmagazine.eu/nx14_6.html – CachedShow more results from nexusmagazine.euThe Extraordinary Story of Healer Alfons Ven – Interview with …Extracted from Nexus Magazine. Volume 14, Number 6 (October – November 2007) … Alfons Ven was born in 1939 in Belgium. He is president of the non-profit …
www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_alfonsven.htm – Cached –

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5 thoughts on “Miracle healer Alfons Ven… one of a kind on the planet!

  • Julia SvadiHatra

    4.It helped me in opening the doors to a waterfall of my own enormous
    amount of energy and in staying in great, dynamic health, optimistic and
    happy. Alfons helped me in making the decision of visiting my previous
    lives with the assistance of “Regression Specialist”, Di Cherry, which
    ultimately opened my eyes to a chain of events that occurred in my past
    lives. BOOK ” YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, New discovery is a key to Access and
    Enlighten your Consciousness” ameliareborn com

  • Julia SvadiHatra

    3.information he puts inside them to fix the control system, and to return
    it to normal. My book dedicated to Creativity of Alfons Ven, to dear Alfons
    Ven who taught me to ask myself: “Who am I?” From this question, this book
    emerged. Without this question, this book would never have seen the light
    of day or even exist. His genius gave me the unique possibility to return
    my self and others to our own selves by using his “miracle pills”, changing
    our lives forever.

  • Julia SvadiHatra

    2. He discovered that our body has an invisible control system. This system
    controls the functions of our body, our metabolism and health. Most people
    are born healthy. During their lives people experience stress and as a
    result this control system goes “out of order”, breaks down and can not
    control the body anymore. So the body starts to develop all kinds of
    illnesses. This amazing doctor prepares pills for his clients made of pure
    lactose. He uses them like a container for the important info

  • Julia SvadiHatra

    #1.Healer Alfons Ven is a real magical person living on Earth right now.
    GOD talks with people through him and sends this ray from heaven to each
    and everyone who is in touch with him! Just by reading this article I felt
    instantly – the very same day – that some amazing changes were beginning to
    take place. I organized my day like never before, full of energy and
    happiness. And this feeling of pure, fresh and dynamic energy is amazing!