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13 thoughts on “Miracle Faith Healer Church – False Hope

  • Ryan Hayden

    there is this so called faith healer in California in the US the convinced
    this woman dying of cancer to leave the hospital and come to him of course
    after paying him 3000 dollars plus the plane ticket. he performed his scam
    on live tv then told her to stop all her cancer medicine. she died a week
    later if guess what..you got it, CANCER

  • GalaxyShift

    These frauds that pose as faith healers and psychics that talk to the dead
    are the worst of humanity. Taking desperate peoples money and lying to
    them. They are gutter rats.

  • 50redraider

    @supersmash43 Because people don’t believe that something like this could
    ever be real. They shut their hearts before they know whether or not it
    works. If it is true that this guy has some sort of gift from God theirs no
    way that he could heal everyone in the world

  • Scanini

    Faith healers and psychics, preying on the vulnerable and naive for
    centuries. These people are sick and digusting and should be exposed for
    the chaltons they are.

  • itzahazylife

    @oldschoolsituationz what hope?..hope that there is something more than
    this awesome fucking reality that we are so lucky to be experiencing right
    now?..atheists have hope..i have hope.i have hope that this moment of
    consciousness i’m experiencing will be as enjoyable as possible before i
    die just like an ant under the your shoe.

  • oldschoolsituationz

    @Wordlaw12 with out hope you have nothing but dispair. so in the end
    materialism is your religion. how sad! you deny the consciousness that
    allows you to percieve the universe and make the judgements that you make
    about it. thats what is meant by the biblical statement the fool has said
    in his heart there is no god. he denies himself.

  • oldschoolsituationz

    @Wordlaw12 and who defines reality for you? you say mystics set the world
    back, back from what? its self destruction? how does materialism(since
    science is a systematic approach to the aquisition of knowledge) which
    separated from vitalism during the industrial revolution, beat vitalsim?
    other than objectifying human beings as commodities and exploiting them and
    using them for the benefit of the weak minority.

  • oldschoolsituationz

    and the skeptic gives the people NO hope! hmmm? man made it for thousands
    of years believing in the magical, and mystical sceptic comes along with
    narey an inkling of understanding of the matter and attempts to destroy
    thousands of years of human convention. destroy hope and make them
    dependent on drugs with more side affects than the disease whose only
    purpose is to make a damn buck! wow! skeptics save the world from you!