Ginger South – “The Miracle of Healing in Spite of Death” 5


R.I.P. Ginger South. “The Miracle of Healing in Spite of Death.”
The following is the Text found in this Video:
Ginger fell off my bed and got a compressed fracture in her T3/L3 part of her spine on February 28, 2014. Her back legs were paralyzed & declared most likely to never move again. This Video is a progression of Ginger South’s Paralyzed Back Legs going from NO movement to the Miracle of her MOVING her legs again! In the clip at about :32 it was 1 month after becoming Paralyzed she had NO movement in her back legs unless pinched or squeezed. You can see how lifeless they are here in the first few clips.Then after 7 weeks she got her Wheels and started walking her very first day. Then I wondered if perhaps the Wheels & physical therapy stimulated her to start moving her legs again.

I noticed very slight movement of her back Legs in the wheels as she wore them at 2:00, but I thought I was imagining it because it was so small. Watch closely when you see that shot. Then. . . I noticed the first couple of BIG MOVEMENTS in her Back Legs 1 week after wearing the wheels and physical therapy at 2:15. This was five days before she died of kidney failure. Then the day before she died (May 1, 2014) she was doing multiple huge movements and kicking her legs while in a seated and comfortable position. Sadly I did not capture on film her moving her legs while lying down as much as she did at the vet when Dr. Chuck Miller & I saw it. But I did get one clip of her moving one leg in a much smaller movement later that day at 3:15. I had just fed her and she seemed to feel much worse at this point and the movement was less. :(

But I DID capture the true Miracle Shot of those Legs Moving while I was holding her up from 3:46-4:09.This last shot is proof of what we saw. She truly had what I believe is voluntary movement like we had never seen before! The last clip is the very best one to see from !!! I believe what we just saw there truly was a Miracle in spite of death! Even though I wanted her to live long enough to see her walk and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the disappointment, I KNOW she might have walked!

I hope this video and Ginger can help any research and inspire other people with dogs who are paralyzed in the future.

Ginger is truly a Miracle dog in my book! I will always love her.

Elizabeth South

(Check out Ginger’s Memorial FB page for more info here:

The song in this Video is my Original called “Have Faith.”

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5 thoughts on “Ginger South – “The Miracle of Healing in Spite of Death”

  • •TheFourthDoctor• [tb]

    Ginger’s legs moving truly was a miracle. And I thank The Lord that you
    where able to see that miracle before her time was up! Ginger truly was a
    special little dog. Her legs moving has given other paralysed dogs hope,
    and her spirit and cuteness where out of this world! R.I.P Ginger. Gone but
    never forgotten!

  • Lori Blackson

    For some reason this video at this time, reduced me to tears. It is a
    wonderful video that captures the spirit, determination, the love and the
    miracle that truly occurred before our very eyes! It shows Ginger at her
    worst (physically) and her best (playful, happy & content). And the song in
    the background just does something to your heart. It is perfectly cued to
    the narration, and Elizabeth sings “Have Faith” as the mention of movement
    is brought forward! And around :50-1:02 when Elizabeth is talking abut
    Ginger and her love for her and then at 1:02 she says “I love her so
    much”….the pain, love and hurt you feel for your paralyzed Ginger comes
    through in your voice. Just made me hurt for you all over again. Then you
    see the progress and have to smile and feel amazed until the last night
    when she felt so much worse and ultimately succumbed to the kidney failure.
    There is NO doubt in my mind that God heard our prayers and because of
    Elizabeth’s Faith and prayers and through the Faith and prayers of others,
    God did allow a miracle! God used Elizabeth’s videoing these events, to
    show us His mighty power and that He is still in the Miracle business!!!
    God never misses an opportunity! Ginger was loved and special and God knew
    people would follow her story. Elizabeth’s song sums up why Ginger is the
    Miracle Dog!!!!!! Then to end the video with all the happy pictures and
    video of Ginger so excited to see her mommy, just rounded out ALL the
    emotion that Ginger and Elizabeth’s journey has taken us on. Amazing video
    Elizabeth!!!! She definitely was a Miracle Dog! 

  • Lori Blackson

    This is the best video yet. When I watch this there is such a full range of
    emotions that I feel. I think that is why this journey has been so hard.
    There was so much hope and it just kept building until without notice,
    Ginger died unexpectedly. But not before she showed the world the Miracle
    of Healing! She was a Miracle Dog! And her memory and her legacy of helping
    other paralyzed dogs will live on forever!!!!! 

  • •TheFourthDoctor• [tb]

    I am struggling to describe how in love I am with this video! It’s amazing!
    It brought me to tears, but it’s amazing! And the song is so well suited to
    the video! I haven’t listened to that song in ages, I really must listen to
    it tomorrow, it’s a great song! Although I cry when I hear it, because if
    the backstory behind it! R.I.P Ginger. Gone but never forgotten!