Effects of Distant Energy – Qi- Chi -Ki – Soul – Angel Healing on both Healer and Client


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The video shows the effects of the energy of a healer’s hands (DH – The Whimsical Mystic) entering the auric field of another.
In this case, note the change in the healer’s aura..his head turns Gold and then Gold Light bursts from his hands and pour into the energy field of the client changing the color of the clients field.

Note the color of the Client begins to change from a Distance – before being touched. This effect can actually happen from thousands of mile away and is the basis of Long Distant Energy Healing.

Almost 2 years ago, at another event, it was purple light that flooded out of this healer’s hands as the energy translates to the needs of the recipient.

Dh aka Distance Healer aka Whimsical Mystic is the Founder of one of the largest and fastest growing Distant Energy healing Service on Facebook.. The Free Distance Healing Project. Over 100,000 Free Distance Healing in 2010 with Thousands of positive testimonials

Distance Healer
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This short video was taken by the manufacturers of the WinAura imaging systems at www.Auraphoto.com in Redwood City, California on March 30, 2010.

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