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Jerry Sargeant is known as The Facilitator and is best known for his ability to transform your life through what he calls Star Magic.

Jerry harnesses pure consciousness and heals people all over the world with emotional and physical issues. You can book a long distance energy healing session with Jerry Sargeant by visiting www.thefacilitatorhealing.com

You could call Jerry a shamanic healer or a long distance healer, an energy healer, a psychic surgeon,, a natural healer, a faith healer. There are all sorts of names. Jerry prefers to use the the term energy and refers to his work as Star Magic. Check out www.thefacilitatorhealing.com and find out why

Is it like Reiki? Is it like pyramid healing? Its all just energy.

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It’s all just energy. Its a metaphysical universe. A total illusion. Its just a dream

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One thought on “Distance Energy Healing & Psychic Surgery. Energy Healers. Distance Healing. Spiritual Healer

  • Jasminder gill

    I have a meditation u send me its so awesome and so relaxing i am going to
    do everyday thank u Jerry Sergeant god, bless its blessing from heaven that
    i met u at Allesely. Again thank u